Project Statement: 
The most advanced technology in the world looms in the most underserved communities. Technological advancements in developed countries advertise to aid in our productivity, comfort and to save lives. These statements are factual but also deceiving. However, I have been disappointed by my fascination with technologies after discovering how the United States government uses tech to gain an advantage over people passing between Mexico and the United States. In Frontier Technologies, I reflect on my labor experience en La Frontera. With auto-ethnography video performance, I build the southern border's landscape, take a break to see how blimps monitor the border and finish by folding the border wall. Chroma key is used on copy paper and tarp to make La Frontera's ecosystem visible through post-production. These green materials merge the occupations of border patrol office workers and physical laborers. In addition, the color green allows me to print out endangered species affected by the construction of the border wall and enables me to cross between the US and Mexico on agricultural land freely. Frontier Technologies lends Peter Campuses Three Transitions to visualize the invisible borderlands. With the increasing tension at the border, it is necessary to expose the aggressive infrastructure that voyeurs La Frontera and to examine the effects of a complicated history between Mexico and The United States.

Frontier Technologies

Running time: 20:56