How-To: Build a Father and Son Relationship is an ongoing photographic series documenting a father and son relationship against the odds of physical labor, and the history of the Texas Borderlands. With photography, we perform How-To guides demonstrating How-To: Cross the Colonial Landscape of Mars, How-To: Maintain SpaceX's Mars Base, and How-To: Exploit Mexican Men. Engaging with my father's occupation as a blue-collar worker at United Launch Alliance and our presence in the borderlands has brought me to consider the future of brown labor on Mars and grapple with the dark colonial history of South Texas. The advanced technology in my brown community and our labor experience influences my materials. The construction of grids speaks to computational photography used by the Mars Rover and military GPS. We show our way of life with portraits by confronting the viewer with our gaze and using our bodies to outline borders. During long exposures, our bodies sync, we rest, and our relationship continues to build.