How-To: Build a Father and Son Relationship

life long project

How-To: Outline the Two Borders Surrounding South Texas

United Launch Alliance Billboard

On the same street as the United Launch Aliiance Billboard,  On the same street as the ULA Factory

How-To: Cross the Colonial Landscape of Mars, 2030

How-To: Exploit Mexican Men in 4 Steps: 1. Start Bracero Program 2. Pay Them 30 Cents an Hour to Clear The Land of Mesquite Trees 3. Create Strict Immigration Laws 4. Invest $49.7 Billion in Border Security

Bracero Perspective 1949

At Rest

Blue Origin Janitors

33 Years of United Launch Aliance Material Culture 

The New Frontier Placed on La Frontera, Boca Chica, Texas

How-To: Maintain SpaceX’s Mars Base (2030)

Trabajadores (never at rest)

Project Statement:
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